The MOST Program

The MOST Program (Monitored Outpatient Sobriety Treatment) is a drug and alcohol treatment outpatient program based in Orange County.  The MOST Program offers an alternative to jail sentencing and promotes long term sobriety.

MOST Program clients continue their day-to-day activities while addressing their drug and alcohol abuse addiction.




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Program Features

core program

Ensuring abstinence by substance abusing offenders is the major challenge for  the Courts and drug & alcohol abuse treatment programs. Breath, blood, and urine testing is only reliable at a given point in time.

HOWEVER….                                                              The combined technologies of SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Monitoring) & the PharmChem Drug Patch (continuous 24/7 drug testing) allows for the complete testing of ethanol-alcohol and other major substances of abuse in a continuous manner.

The Outpatient Treatment program is much more likely to effect long-term sobriety gains because the Monitoring ensures abstinence!

curfew compliance

Curfew compliance is an optional for most clients, however, it can be required by some courts.  Curfew Compliance is used by The MOST Program as a behavioral modification tool and considered a condition of treatment on some MOST clients.

Why would curfew compliance be considered a condition of treatment?  Addiction is a multifaceted problem and changing behaviors and routines can be a part of the overall road to long term sobriety.  

Early in someone’s recovery from drugs and alcohol, it is a trigger to go out with co-workers after work or meet friends for activities that historically involved alcohol.  For some restoring structure and responsibility in ones daily life, it is an important step toward sobriety.  


Pharmchem sweat patch

24/7 continuous drug testing. Relapse Prevention Treatment.

The Sweat Patch uses sweat as the specimen source to test for Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Cocaine, THC, PCP, and Opiates, in addition to offering an expanded panel for synthetic opiates. Worn on the body for 10-14 days, the Sweat Patch provides 24/7 monitoring for drugs of abuse.

The Sweat Patch technology is tamper evident, cannot be diluted, substituted, or adulterated without detection, and is confirmed by LC/MS/MS for both parent drug and drug metabolite.

scram technology

SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) = Transdermal testing for ethanol that generates “True Sober Days.” The client wears an ankle bracelet (SCRAM) that continuously measures alcohol through perspiration. 

The measurements are uploaded via direct connection to a computer on a regularly scheduled appointments.  The client is motivated to avoid drinking because the alcohol will be detected.





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