The Most Program Is...

... an alternative to jail sentencing.

The MOST Program is a viable constructive alternative to facing legal consequences.  We work directly with attorneys and judges to minimize or remove your jail sentence.  

... a continuous drug and alcohol monitoring program.

Various monitoring tools and counseling and therapy resources are used to provide 24 hour drug and alcohol monitoring.   

... your partner on the road to drug and alcohol abuse recovery.

The MOST Program Staff are reliable, friendly and available 24 hours a day to assist you with any related questions or needs.

... affordable.

The MOST Program is one of the lowest cost drug and alcohol outpatient programs in Orange County.  The MOST Program offers reasonable payment plans for clients.

... a source for psycho-educational therapy and counseling support

The MOST Program recognizes that a key to drug and alcohol abstinence is your participation in ongoing individual and group counseling sessions. 

... accessible.

The MOST Program accommodates everyone and never has a waiting list. The Program is designed so that you can continue your daily activities while receiving treatment.

... staffed with over 50 years’ experience in administering alternative sentencing and treatment programs in Orange County. 

The MOST Program Team includes Drug & Alcohol Counselors, Psychiatrists, and Marriage and Family Therapists who work closely with clients to provide quality care.