Client Experience in The M.O.S.T Program:

To learn more about the monitoring tools used in the MOST program, view these videos on this page.

The Honorable Michael Barrasse from The Court of Common Pleas in Lackawanna County, PA discuses his experience monitoring defendants using SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring™.

Can you accurately match 560 photos in an 8-hour day? If your staff is manually matching photos from your remote alcohol testing systems then you're spending too much staff time and money; and you still may not be getting the results you need.  SCRAM Remote Breath™ is a remote, portable solution for your first-time, low-risk/low-need alcohol clients.


Knowing where your client is when (s)he passes a remote breath test is important.  Yet knowing where your client is when (s)he FAILS-or MISSES a remote breath test-is critical. That's why SCRAM Remote Breath™, from the makers of SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring™, requests a GPS location with both TAKEN and MISSED tests.

Michele Lavigne CADCII, Founder of the Wellminded Center provides an introduction to Amino Acid Therapy.