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alejandra montez; CAADE

Alejandra recently completed her Certification in Addiction Studies from Rio Hondo College and is now a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADE).  Prior to her recent academic success, she has earned an Associate’s degree in Education from Southwestern College, Bachelors of Arts in Education & Human Development from University of San Diego, and earned her Masters of Arts in Educational Counseling from National University.  

She spent a year as a youth counselor and seven years as a college counselor for National University in San Diego.  She later became a mentor at Diverse Journeys where she counseled incarcerated clients who needed assistance in being assimilated back into society.  At Little House, Alejandra is a Case Manager and Counselor where she is given the opportunity to work directly with at risk families.  She bridges families, unifies mothers with their children, and dedicates her time empowering women who deserve proper resources and outlets with in the community.  Currently with The MOST Program, Alejandra is our bilingual counselor who has supported the Spanish speaking clients both in an individual & group capacity.  Alejandra’s unique and passionate style of teaching resonates throughout the program.  She is an exceptional leader which exceeds program expectations.

When Alejandra is not healing others, she enjoys time to recharge herself.  She loves salsa dancing, hiking, traveling, catching up on documentaries, reading, learning, and above all appreciates the time with her own family.

She contributes much of her success, passion, work ethic, and drive to her parents.  Her drive and assertiveness stems from her mother and work ethic is attributed to her father.  Alejandra is also a mother to a five-year-old daughter who she best describes her as “my sunshine & best friend.” She is driven by the changes and successes of those she has supported throughout the years.  Alejandra’s passion and drive exudes in all that she puts her heart into.