Dean Stepper

Dean Stepper is a highly influential leader with over 30 years’ experience in substance abuse and recovery and over 25 years’ experience with the Orange County Judicial System. As the current head of Diversified Monitoring Systems (DMS), Dean successfully partners with the largest SCRAM (Secure Remote Ankle Monitoring) agency and distributor in Orange County.

Dean started out his career managing and overseeing a variety of chemical dependence treatment providers.  This experience helped him design the MOST Program, a widely recognized impactful drug and alcohol outpatient program based in Orange County. Respected by the courts, and known in the community, Dean is committed to ensuring the success of his clients. Dean works with clients on an individual basis to develop the best and most effective treatment plan. With extensive knowledge of the Orange County Judicial System, Dean is able to tailor each sentencing plan to minimize custodial time and maximize personal benefits.